Ryan Gilley Gaylon Parker Porter Dutton Jr. Drums Bass Guitar & Vocals Moulton, AL Moulton, AL Moulton, AL Firefighter & First Responder 

The MOST solid, steady drummer, to ever sit behind a drum kit. Starts, stops, steady beats, as fancy or as simple as you want it
to sound. The heart beat of the Old Barn Bands sound. Principal at Hartselle Intermediate School One of the BEST Bass players we have ever had on board. His feel for a true county bass line is unmatched. Has done session work and played on the road. And just for added bonus, one heck of a singer also. "Original OBB Member"
3M Maintence 
Our Poster Boy and eye candy 
for the ladies. Super TALENTED guitar player, handles intro, rhythm and leads, and a very gifted harmony or lead singer. Has been with OBB since the very first jam session back in 2003. Ben Parker Lead Guitar Moulton, AL 17yr old Sophmore student at West Morgan 
High School The newest member of OBB. 
A God given natural talent for playing guitar. Can play any kind 
of music with just one listen. 
Also a heck of a singer and song writer. Remember this name because you will be hearing it more when he takes Nashville by storm in a few years.